Stephan Kesting’s 1000 Mile Journey from Missinipe Saskatchewan to Arviat Nunavut.. because #hardasnails

Stephan who is renowned for his online/youtube BJJ instructional’s set out on a 1000 mile journey. Stephan’s website, is a bible for white belt and young students looking for tutorials on BJJ and grappling in general

12 days before starting out he answered questions from an online audience.

Stephans route can be downloaded in KMZ format HERE


During his journey Stephan who is a well respected BJJ Blackbelt faced more than one disaster, highlighting his journey on his blog grapplearts he encountered

  • A wild fire
  • a blackbear
  • solar power equipment failure (due to lack of sun.

and many many more trials that ultimately could have caused him to meat his demise much like Evan Tanner who completed a similar journey in September 2008.

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7:18 am and on the water. Conditions on Nueltin have been pretty much idyllic other than the occasional thunderstorm. No massive waves, never-ending headwinds or storms yet, all of which are a certainty on these giant northern lakes if you just wait long enough. So how many hours should you spend paddling when conditions are good? All of them. Itʼs beginning to take its toll though. Iʼm beginning to do stuff like paddle with my eyes closed while counting to ten, then opening them briefly to make sure Iʼm still going in the right direction, and then closing them again. Also today I started feeling a burning pain in my left shoulder blade that was frighteningly reminiscent of the pain I felt when I pinched a nerve preparing for the ADCC trials a decade ago. I hope that this doesnʼt go any further. Finally my pace on Nueltin has slowed down these last 3 days, breaks are getting more frequent, and the reasons for breaks are getting more ridiculous. “Maybe I just should re-re- recheck that map… Maybe I should reapply sunscreen, for the third time this hour… Etc.” Overall though my physical body has actually held up pretty well on this trip, given that I started it with an injured shoulder, elbow and hip (which is why most of my preparation for this trip was cardio, not actual upper body training). Shockingly all of those injuries have gotten better, much better. Seems like all you need to do for physiotherapy is to do 20 to 30,000 paddle strokes a day, every day, without a break. Seems applicable to the population at large 😉 Ultimately Iʼm putting in the time. You can have all the high tech boats, bent shaft carbon fiber paddles, and fancy folding sails you want, but ultimately itʼs having your ass in the seat that gets you down the lake. Itʼs just like study time for getting your degree, or mat time for mastering BJJ. Time in activity matters. #paddlingonnueltinbeforejoc ko #iwillownthathashtag #nueltinlake #wildernesscanoeing #1000milesolo

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During his journey he updated his blog regularly and openly discussed all manner of his own life. His divorce , children and financial challenges. Even going so far as to discuss his kidney transplant.

This was ultimately a different kind of journey for kesting, one that i believe truly makes a man. You can read the full article HERE


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